This is a sample of various 3D projects I have done either independently or with a team. Click on the appropriate link to download.

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Thursday, June 10, 2004
Power Plant
This is my second project with a 3D animation team. This is of a larger scale than that of the evolving room (see earlier post). This time we were asked to to a 3D visualization of a proposed power plant. My role in this task is that of project manager.

The client was SSFM International, and my team's services were contracted from their main office in Hawaii.

Screenshots: (click on the image to enlarge)

Sunday, May 30, 2004
This was part of a video for Design International. Design International is a total environments solutions company which deals in real estate, architechtural design and furniture design and supply. They asked my team to create a company profile video highlighting their services and products. Here is a short segment from that project


Download the video (low res version)
Wednesday, May 26, 2004
This segment is from a video made for GLOBE TELECOM INC. The complete video was designed to inform viewers of the mechanics of a particular promotion/event. The video had a 3D spacestation in the background while the images, text and instructions appeared on screen.



The Gallery
I made this animation segment for the BELO MEDICAL GROUP. For those who know Dra. Viki Belo, she is the leading cosmetic surgeron in the country, serving most of the biggest names in Philippine showbusiness.

The following video is the opening sequence to the segment called BELO GALLERY, where I created a 3D futuristic museum with the art peices being the client celebrities themselves.


Download the video (Low Resolution Version)
This was for another project with RUSTANS. This time the fashion show's concept had something to with PEDESTRIANS. So the video director asked me to create a 3D traffic scene busy with pedestrians. The intersection was modeled in 3D Studio Max while the people were composited in After Effects.


Download the video (Low Resolution Version)
FCUK Radio
Here is a segments of a video presentation used for a RUSTANS fashion show. RUSTANS are established as one of the premiere retailing companies in the Philippines. This particular launch was done in conjunction with known clothing retailer FCUK.


the radio is this season's theme for FCUK
Download video (Low Resolution Version)
Saturday, May 22, 2004
In an event sponsored by the Department of Tourism, the Philippine School for Interior Design held its annual exhibit. It wa

My team was called on to do several videos, from opening videos, to the complete coverage of the event. Here are some screenshots of the videos.


Screenshots: (click on the image to enlarge)